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Posts made in June 2020

home addition in progress

Tips for Building an Addition on Your Home

There are many reasons why property owners would want to add on to their homes. Maybe you need a new room to accommodate your growing family, or you’d like a new gym or home theater. Whatever the reason, room additions in Jacksonville, FL, are an excellent way to make the most of your property’s available space. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you put together your plans.

  1. Get Your Documents Together – Make sure you have your property’s plot plan as well as the necessary permits prior to the start of construction.
  2. Set Your Budget – To establish the scope of your room addition, you’ll need to set a budget based on estimates provided by your architect and general contractor. Make sure this budget accounts for everything: labor, materials, etc.
  3. Talk to Your Neighbors – It never hurts to do the courteous thing and let your neighbors know that you’ll be starting construction soon. Also, you can review your plans with them to avoid any conflicts after the fact.
  4. Consider Your Home’s Utilities – Talk to an HVAC contractor and an electrician to ensure that your current setups can accommodate the extra room.
  5. Be Realistic and Patient – We all know that plans can change due to scheduling, materials availability, and other variables that are beyond our control. Set a realistic timeframe for your project’s completion.
split graphic of drawing and finished bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Updating your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to improve its functionality and aesthetics. With new fixtures, lighting, and other upgrades, you can have a stylish bathroom that’s better suited to your needs. Below, you’ll find a few suggestions that you can take into consideration when you are planning bathroom renovations in Green Cove Springs, FL.

  1. Use Small, Textured Tiles in the Shower – A tile shower gives your bathroom an elegant appearance. And with so many design options, you can truly customize your space. When you choose smaller, textured tiles, though, you have an added safety advantage: the texture and additional grout will help prevent slips.
  2. Install a Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Toilet – These water-saving toilets have the tank built into the wall, giving your bathroom a cleaner, more contemporary look.
  3. Don’t Install a Tub unless You Take Baths – Unless you take baths regularly, a tub is not a necessity. Leave it out to open up your space and make room for other features.
  4. Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet – These medicine cabinets create storage space while maintaining sleeker, cleaner lines on your bathroom wall.
  5. Update Your Lighting – When it comes to your bathroom, you have many options for the lighting. For enhanced ambiance, you can install dimmer switches and recessed lighting. With the right light fixtures, you can have a sophisticated and personalized bathroom makeover.
woman pulling up garage door

Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Garage

Many different factors determine your home resale value. By choosing some smart home upgrades and improvements, like a new garage, you can increase your home’s value for when it comes time to sell. Home builders in North Florida can work with you to select, build, or install those all-important value-adding upgrades.

Upgrade Your Home with a New or Improved Garage

Increasingly, homeowners realize the value that garages can add to their homes. New garages provide daily benefits now, with home resale value benefits later. Return on investment estimates can vary, but new garages or even a new garage door is generally considered to be one of the soundest investments that home builders can help you install.

Benefits Include:

Improved Curb Appeal – Garage doors account for as much as a third of a home’s front exterior, so it’s no wonder they have such an impact on curb appeal. High-quality garage doors get noticed by your neighbors now and by prospective home buyers later.

Organization – More garage storage space can help you stay organized and clutter-free in your home. Home builders can build and install shelving or storage units to store lawn and garden tools, power tools, and DIY equipment in the garage, keeping it out of your home living space.

Lower Energy Bills – New or upgraded garages improve home energy efficiency and can result in lower energy costs. An insulated garage door with weather stripping around it and window frames, along with wall and ceiling insulation, can help lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

home remodeling tools

Spring Is Perfect for Remodeling Your Home

Spring is a time of rebirth and regeneration. It’s also an excellent time to spruce up and renew your property with some home improvement in Green Cove Springs, FL. Here are a few important benefits to remodeling your home in the spring.

Ideal Conditions

Renovating your home isn’t only about interior work. For projects in the yard or garden, spring marks the start of the growing season and is the best time to start projects where you need to work outside. Sunlight hours are getting longer by the day, rainfall is reducing, and temperatures are more manageable.

The soft ground at this time of year also makes large-scale home improvement projects such as deck or patio installations easier. Reduced digging time can have a considerable impact on the overall project time.

The Housing Market

One of the most significant benefits of remodeling your home is the potential to add value to your property. That’s why many people choose to renovate just before putting their homes on the market. Since spring is the most popular home-selling season, it follows that it is also an excellent time for home improvement and getting your house on the market.

Good Timing

Spring offers a rare window of quiet time in many people’s calendars. Those with children can avoid the summer holidays, and it’s far from the back to school rush or the busy winter holiday season.

It’s not uncommon for big projects to overrun, so for extensive exterior home renovations, it just makes sense to give yourself the biggest window of time possible in which to complete the work.