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Posts made in July 2020

built-in shelves with decorations

Unique Ideas for Your Custom Home

Are you wondering about ways to make your new custom home into a magical sanctuary for your family? Whether you’re searching for trendy things to include when building your house or interesting ways to increase the property value, check out this list of fabulous ideas on how North Florida home builders can make your new space stand out.

Create a Hidden Room – Everyone loves a hidden room! It’s a home idea loved by kids and adults alike. Whether you make it a movie theater loft, a classic hidden library, or maybe even a speakeasy-type bar, it will add a little mystery and magic to any floor plan.

Built-In Shelves – Yes, built-in shelving is standard in most custom homes, but designing your own space provides the chance to experiment. North Florida home builders can include built-in desks, tables, and bookshelves and create the slick organization you want, with a sleek, streamlined design.

Incorporate a Kitchen Nook – Make the most of your family kitchen with a cozy breakfast nook. Including this element when building a house may even save you money on buying furniture later, as well as add striking design flair and the ability to maximize your space.

Add a Large Mudroom – Adding a roomy drop zone is essential when building a new home. Many North Florida home builders are switching from tiny hall closets to expansive mudrooms that can hold coats, boots, shoes, and sporting equipment. An excellent way to help your new construction stand out is by adding built-in lockers or shelves to your mudroom to give it a permanent and distinguished look.

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Expanding Your Family? Expand Your Home.

With property prices going up and showing no sign of falling, it can be difficult for growing families to afford the cost of moving to a larger property. If your home is bursting at the seams and expecting new family members, then room additions in Jacksonville, FL, may be the smartest solution to get you and your family the extra space you need, without breaking the bank. Adding rooms via an extension to your existing home is also a great way to increase its market value. Room additions can make it easier to take the next step up the property ladder.

Multi-Family Living

A growing family doesn’t only mean a baby as a new family addition. Multi-family households have been the fastest-growing household type in the US during the last decade. Multi-generational living is becoming more common as more people opt to move their aging parents in to help them avoid being isolated. As more families are accommodating extended families, the home design industry is on the brink of a revolution. Homeowners and home builders are thinking beyond traditional buildings with room additions and shifting to housing that serves a greater variety of housing needs. By adding to your existing home, you will be ahead of the design curve!

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How To Choose A Location For Your New Home

Once you’ve landed on the idea that you’d like to build a house, the next step is to decide where to put it. Choosing the right place is a pretty big deal for a few reasons. It’s quite a tired cliché, but real estate agents and North Florida home builders are absolutely right when they say the three most important aspects of a house are location, location, and location.

Normally, there are some very good reasons that make a patch of dirt in one area worth more than a patch of dirt in another, even though everyone’s needs and preferences are slightly different.

What To Look For

Building a home is never cheap, and that’s why it’s easy to tie yourself in knots worrying about what your house is likely to be worth in a few years. However, North Florida home builders will tell you that if you’re going to be building a home for your family to live in for the foreseeable future, nailing down a resale value shouldn’t really be your first concern. If you’re building your home to live in for a while, you should set your sights on finding a location that is:

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Within Your Budget

These are the things that most people look for when they choose a location for their long term home. North Florida home builders usually advise that if you are choosing a location within your budget that objectively fulfills the first three of these things, you should not have much trouble finding a good price for it when you’re ready to sell.

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Add Space To Your Existing Building When Your Organization Grows

Your business may be operating out of some space that you leased, or a purchased building. It’s likely worked well so far, but your next move may be a bit trickier once the company starts to grow. Depending upon the type of business you have, you may want a space that sends a message about your company, one that will bring in more foot traffic or provide even more room for expansion.

The fact is, more space is always useful for the business and construction companies in Jacksonville, FL, can build an addition to your existing building that will help take your business to the next level.


Is your business in a location that is rapidly expanding? If so, then it’s best to get ahead of the curve and prepare for an influx of new business. Expanding onto your building is the perfect way to ensure you’ll have enough space to meet the demands of your local community. Partner with construction companies in Jacksonville, FL, to get an estimate and determine how long the work will take.


Space is your next hurdle. For businesses that are growing quickly or expanding, there are many construction companies that can help you in the next growth phase. They can help you make sure that you have the space you need to expand. If possible, build in space to at least double in size.


It may be tempting to sign a lease in a classy, new building, but it pays to be pragmatic. Every penny you spend on overhead hits business growth. Unless a prime location will help your business gain more customers or clients, building on to your existing building will be the best bet for company longevity.