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ranch style home

Remodeling Your Ranch Home – Tips and Tricks

In the last three decades, most home construction has favored newer construction styles, and the ranch-style home has become a design of historical interest, especially among young buyers who find these homes both affordable and less challenging to remodel than older historic homes. So if you’re planning to remodel your ranch home, here are the top three tips for ranch-style home improvement in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Remove the Carpet

In the 1970s and 1980s, it was a popular practice to cover hardwood or ceramic tile floors with synthetic carpeting. This sometimes was even done in kitchens. If you pull up the carpeting, there is a very good chance you’ll find a lovely natural wood floor underneath to work into your home improvement.

Refresh (or Recreate) an Open Floor Plan

Original ranch-style homes often had an open floor plan with living areas and dining areas combined, but this positive design feature was often lost in the later ramblers of the 1960s. Removing interior walls to create a more open floorplan is an excellent way to create some period authenticity with your home improvement.

Lift the Ceiling

The 1950s version of this style often had 8-foot ceilings, which can feel a little low, but the ranch-style versions out in California and the Southwest often featured vaulted ceilings that went all the way to the rafters. Consider tearing out the ceiling in the larger living spaces and raising them to the angled roofline. Wood beams along the ceiling can be a lovely touch as well.


Diagonal Split Screen Of Drawing and Photo of Beautiful New Kitchen

Classic Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

Kitchen remodeling often involves overhauling the entire layout. When general contractors and kitchen designers discuss floorplan options for kitchen remodels, they typically speak in the context of the tried-and-true, classic kitchen design layouts. When you want to know what those are; we can help. Here are the top three all-time classic kitchen design ideas for custom homes in Jacksonville, FL.

The One-Wall Kitchen Layout

The “one-wall-layout” is where all appliances, cabinets, and countertops are placed along one wall. This design can work equally well for either small kitchens or extremely big spaces. Due to there being no barriers within the kitchen space, it allows for maximum openness and traffic flow, and it’s one of the easiest kitchens to design, plan, and install in custom homes.

Corridor (Galley-Style) Kitchen Layout

In places where space is limited, as in condos, small homes, and apartments, the corridor or galley-style layout is the most popular design. Here, two walls face each other and contain all of the kitchen services. The galley-style layout is highly functional, with counters on both sides because it uses the classic kitchen triangle (fridge, stove, countertop). This layout gives a lot of space for counters and cabinets in smaller custom homes.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen design is the most popular layout for custom homes. It is comprised of two adjoining walls that contain all the cabinets, countertops, and kitchen services. The other two adjoining walls are open. The advantages of this design are that it makes the best use of the kitchen triangle, offers more countertop space than the galley and one-wall layouts, and is best for adding a kitchen island because there are no cabinets constricting where to put the island.

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Design Tips for Small Kitchens

Working in a small kitchen can be challenging. However, this inconvenience does have an advantage. It is possible to conduct a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, to maximize the area’s floor space and usability. Construction companies can help you get started with the process. If you are looking for inspiration, start with the ideas below.

Rethink Cabinet and Counter Positions

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in a small kitchen remodel is the usable floor space. Chances are your old configuration invested heavily in having large countertops. As a consequence, the appliances take up more room than needed.

If it looks like your refrigerator is getting in the way, consider a recessed wall setup that removes a portion of the countertops. This can give a part of your kitchen walls a seamless look and add more space for moving around.

Use Optical Illusions

Sometimes, giving the impression of space is enough to make things feel less claustrophobic. You can make an area seem larger than by getting creative with lighting and interior design elements. Bright surfaces and new lighting fixtures can improve a space.

Barring that, you can always try emphasizing an open kitchen design. If your building allows, you can remove walls and convert it into a breakfast bar area with matching seating. This can add more utility to your kitchen area.

These are just a few ideas in an area of construction that has nearly limitless possibilities. Consult with a construction company if you require inspiration for a kitchen remodeling project.


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Creating a Welcoming Entrance for Your Business

First impressions matter. Where you conduct business reflects much on your branding and culture. As such, it makes sense to invest in the appearance of your office, retail space, or any area that interfaces with customers.

One area where you can make immediate changes for maximum impact is the entrance area. Construction companies in Jacksonville, FL, can design and build new areas for you. If you need inspiration, here are a few suggestions you may implement quickly.

Welcome Mats

The entrance is probably the most high-traffic space for your business, so you want to make it look appealing while enhancing its safety. Adding welcome mats is a cost-effective way to do this. It is possible to hire an interior design or construction contractor that can create custom mats for you that incorporate your company colors or logo. An addition like this will let people know who they are doing business with.

Add Greenery

Indoor plants are also a great way to add color and life to your reception areas. On top of that, plants enhance the health and air quality of the place–as part of photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide and other impurities to create oxygen. If you add flowering plants like lavender or lemon, you can add a pleasant scent that will set the experience. Just be sure to water and dust your plants regularly, so they remain fresh.

Ass you can see, you don’t need to invest in a fully involved remodeling project to create a visually appealing entrance. Of course, if you need to update your property, it helps to work with a construction company you can trust.

room addition

Consider Bumping Out for Room Additions to Your Home

If it seems you’re always craving extra space in your home, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common issues that homeowners ask us about at Wiggins Construction Company. Our clients are often looking for room additions in Jacksonville, FL, and this post will discuss them.

What we like to suggest to clients is that bumping out is a great way to incorporate room additions to your property. Bump-outs are defined as the addition of a single room or a space that’s less than a full room. They increase area while keeping costs in check, and they’re usually quicker and less invasive than building on multiple rooms.

Bump-outs are an ideal solution for people who want some extra space but don’t require a lot. Even a small bump-out can significantly increase the size and openness of a tiny room, such as a minuscule kitchen.

They are often used by homeowners for adding a window seat with bookshelves, putting a tub into a bathroom that only has a shower, or increasing space for an island or breakfast nook in a kitchen.

If you’re happy with your home but wish it was just a wee bit bigger, then bump-outs are the perfect room additions for you.

Tips for Changing Windows During a Kitchen Remodel

If you plan to upgrade your home with a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, then read on as this blog post is written for you by the experienced team at Wiggins Construction Company.

A kitchen remodel project is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into your house while also increasing its value. You can add everything from new flooring to countertops and cabinets to wall coverings. We find that the windows sometimes get overlooked, so here’s a few tips on changing yours as part of this project.

Windows can easily provide a focal point for a room, so use them to frame an area of your kitchen you wish to highlight. An island or table will benefit from the added brightness and will be seen as the heart of the room.

A cabinetry bridge across the window provides a rustic decorative touch while also increasing storage space as part of your kitchen remodel job. Continuing with the decorative theme, sashes or ornamental glass add color and style to a kitchen window.

If you want a look that works with any style, think about going for the steel window look. It’s striking and adds the perfect accent to your kitchen.