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Adding Onto Your Home? Here’s Some Advice

Room additions in Jacksonville, FL, are exciting for the whole family — especially when that addition is a master bedroom suite, a bigger kitchen, or a home theater. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime, your family has to live with the changes that take months to make.

Let us offer you these recommendations to make the transition easier for all:

Take a Vacation or Staycation

Get away from what is essentially a combined home and building site. Plan a trip to a favorite place that is far away from the construction or rent a cabin on the lake nearby that provides you with privacy.
Set Building Hours

If 7 a.m. is way too early to start pounding nails, talk with your construction company to establish regular hours for the crew, so you have regular sleep and quiet time.

Define Private Spaces

The crew should only step into rooms that they are working in. This gives your family the necessary private space. Some families even put up signs to define private areas.

Know the Addition Impacts the Entire House

It may be noise, dust, electrical wiring, or HVAC, but a room addition must integrate the new with the existing space. Expect the intrusions with the knowledge these are only temporary and are necessary to create your new room.