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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Updating your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to improve its functionality and aesthetics. With new fixtures, lighting, and other upgrades, you can have a stylish bathroom that’s better suited to your needs. Below, you’ll find a few suggestions that you can take into consideration when you are planning bathroom renovations in Green Cove Springs, FL.

  1. Use Small, Textured Tiles in the Shower – A tile shower gives your bathroom an elegant appearance. And with so many design options, you can truly customize your space. When you choose smaller, textured tiles, though, you have an added safety advantage: the texture and additional grout will help prevent slips.
  2. Install a Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Toilet – These water-saving toilets have the tank built into the wall, giving your bathroom a cleaner, more contemporary look.
  3. Don’t Install a Tub unless You Take Baths – Unless you take baths regularly, a tub is not a necessity. Leave it out to open up your space and make room for other features.
  4. Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet – These medicine cabinets create storage space while maintaining sleeker, cleaner lines on your bathroom wall.
  5. Update Your Lighting – When it comes to your bathroom, you have many options for the lighting. For enhanced ambiance, you can install dimmer switches and recessed lighting. With the right light fixtures, you can have a sophisticated and personalized bathroom makeover.