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Classic Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

Kitchen remodeling often involves overhauling the entire layout. When general contractors and kitchen designers discuss floorplan options for kitchen remodels, they typically speak in the context of the tried-and-true, classic kitchen design layouts. When you want to know what those are; we can help. Here are the top three all-time classic kitchen design ideas for custom homes in Jacksonville, FL.

The One-Wall Kitchen Layout

The “one-wall-layout” is where all appliances, cabinets, and countertops are placed along one wall. This design can work equally well for either small kitchens or extremely big spaces. Due to there being no barriers within the kitchen space, it allows for maximum openness and traffic flow, and it’s one of the easiest kitchens to design, plan, and install in custom homes.

Corridor (Galley-Style) Kitchen Layout

In places where space is limited, as in condos, small homes, and apartments, the corridor or galley-style layout is the most popular design. Here, two walls face each other and contain all of the kitchen services. The galley-style layout is highly functional, with counters on both sides because it uses the classic kitchen triangle (fridge, stove, countertop). This layout gives a lot of space for counters and cabinets in smaller custom homes.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen design is the most popular layout for custom homes. It is comprised of two adjoining walls that contain all the cabinets, countertops, and kitchen services. The other two adjoining walls are open. The advantages of this design are that it makes the best use of the kitchen triangle, offers more countertop space than the galley and one-wall layouts, and is best for adding a kitchen island because there are no cabinets constricting where to put the island.