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Consider Bumping Out for Room Additions to Your Home

If it seems you’re always craving extra space in your home, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common issues that homeowners ask us about at Wiggins Construction Company. Our clients are often looking for room additions in Jacksonville, FL, and this post will discuss them.

What we like to suggest to clients is that bumping out is a great way to incorporate room additions to your property. Bump-outs are defined as the addition of a single room or a space that’s less than a full room. They increase area while keeping costs in check, and they’re usually quicker and less invasive than building on multiple rooms.

Bump-outs are an ideal solution for people who want some extra space but don’t require a lot. Even a small bump-out can significantly increase the size and openness of a tiny room, such as a minuscule kitchen.

They are often used by homeowners for adding a window seat with bookshelves, putting a tub into a bathroom that only has a shower, or increasing space for an island or breakfast nook in a kitchen.

If you’re happy with your home but wish it was just a wee bit bigger, then bump-outs are the perfect room additions for you.