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Design Tips for Small Kitchens

Working in a small kitchen can be challenging. However, this inconvenience does have an advantage. It is possible to conduct a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, to maximize the area’s floor space and usability. Construction companies can help you get started with the process. If you are looking for inspiration, start with the ideas below.

Rethink Cabinet and Counter Positions

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in a small kitchen remodel is the usable floor space. Chances are your old configuration invested heavily in having large countertops. As a consequence, the appliances take up more room than needed.

If it looks like your refrigerator is getting in the way, consider a recessed wall setup that removes a portion of the countertops. This can give a part of your kitchen walls a seamless look and add more space for moving around.

Use Optical Illusions

Sometimes, giving the impression of space is enough to make things feel less claustrophobic. You can make an area seem larger than by getting creative with lighting and interior design elements. Bright surfaces and new lighting fixtures can improve a space.

Barring that, you can always try emphasizing an open kitchen design. If your building allows, you can remove walls and convert it into a breakfast bar area with matching seating. This can add more utility to your kitchen area.

These are just a few ideas in an area of construction that has nearly limitless possibilities. Consult with a construction company if you require inspiration for a kitchen remodeling project.