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Expanding Your Family? Expand Your Home.

With property prices going up and showing no sign of falling, it can be difficult for growing families to afford the cost of moving to a larger property. If your home is bursting at the seams and expecting new family members, then room additions in Jacksonville, FL, may be the smartest solution to get you and your family the extra space you need, without breaking the bank. Adding rooms via an extension to your existing home is also a great way to increase its market value. Room additions can make it easier to take the next step up the property ladder.

Multi-Family Living

A growing family doesn’t only mean a baby as a new family addition. Multi-family households have been the fastest-growing household type in the US during the last decade. Multi-generational living is becoming more common as more people opt to move their aging parents in to help them avoid being isolated. As more families are accommodating extended families, the home design industry is on the brink of a revolution. Homeowners and home builders are thinking beyond traditional buildings with room additions and shifting to housing that serves a greater variety of housing needs. By adding to your existing home, you will be ahead of the design curve!