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Great Ideas for Expanding Your Home

Expanding your home has many benefits and expanding your home in a big way has even more benefits. Bigger home additions do tend to pay off better than smaller additions. You can expect around 65% return on your investment on a double story home addition.

Not all homes have space for large room additions in Jacksonville, FL. If this is your situation, consider expanding upwards if your house is a single story. This addition may save you from an expensive or unwanted move and may pay for itself once it comes time to sell. If you don’t want to add a full second story, you can opt to add dormer windows to your existing roof. Attic bedrooms are understood to attract a high ROI, often as over 80%.

Think About Walk-In Closets

There are more options than room additions. It turns out that walk-in closets have a great return on investment, with some experts estimating an ROI of 100% and above. The cost of installing either a walk-in closet or custom closet organizer is likely to be much less than the cost of a full room addition. The appeal of a walk-in or custom closet is powerful as it adds a luxurious and upmarket feeling to any master bedroom but is also very practical.

Add an Additional Bathroom

One of the most sought-after room additions is an extra bathroom. They can be called a luxury; for some, they are necessities. If you have kids (especially teenagers), having an extra bathroom is a must for your sanity and your schedule. The average bathroom addition has an ROI of over 60%.