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In-Law Suites for Independent Parents

In today’s busy world, it can feel harder than ever to keep families connected and still meet the needs of aging parents. If that struggle sounds familiar, you have more options than a nursing home or other care facility. You can keep parents close and still give them the freedom to live their own lives with help from the right construction companies in Jacksonville, FL.

The secret? It’s a classic solution that’s more modern than ever. Detached in-law suites are nothing new, but a revitalized economy and increasing freedom with local contractors make it easier than ever to design a true home for elders on your property.

What to Discuss with Your Construction Company

To make sure that you create a space your loved ones can enjoy, it’s important to have the right conversations with your contractor. Balancing your home’s aesthetic with your parents’ needs takes skill, but it should be approachable with the right help. You’ll want to talk about things like:


  • Placement
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Plumbing & HVAC Options
  • Number of Rooms
  • Security Features

Of course, there’s one other party to add to the discussion: the suite’s future residents! By helping your parents get a space they love, you set your family up for a happy, connected future where you’re always a short walk away.