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woman pulling up garage door

Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Garage

Many different factors determine your home resale value. By choosing some smart home upgrades and improvements, like a new garage, you can increase your home’s value for when it comes time to sell. Home builders in North Florida can work with you to select, build, or install those all-important value-adding upgrades.

Upgrade Your Home with a New or Improved Garage

Increasingly, homeowners realize the value that garages can add to their homes. New garages provide daily benefits now, with home resale value benefits later. Return on investment estimates can vary, but new garages or even a new garage door is generally considered to be one of the soundest investments that home builders can help you install.

Benefits Include:

Improved Curb Appeal – Garage doors account for as much as a third of a home’s front exterior, so it’s no wonder they have such an impact on curb appeal. High-quality garage doors get noticed by your neighbors now and by prospective home buyers later.

Organization – More garage storage space can help you stay organized and clutter-free in your home. Home builders can build and install shelving or storage units to store lawn and garden tools, power tools, and DIY equipment in the garage, keeping it out of your home living space.

Lower Energy Bills – New or upgraded garages improve home energy efficiency and can result in lower energy costs. An insulated garage door with weather stripping around it and window frames, along with wall and ceiling insulation, can help lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.