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Increase Your Home’s Value Without A Major Renovation

home renovationYou can always make upgrades to your home that increase its value without breaking the bank. Home improvement contractors in FL can install minor enhancements to your property that make excellent selling points for real estate agents and potential buyers.

Wireless Switches

Adding a wireless switch in a stairwell, dark hallway, or room with more than one door provides you with immediate light instead of having to cross a room or navigate stairs in the dark. Wireless also means hassle-free, so there is no cutting into walls.

Ceiling Fans

Making your home more comfortable makes it more sellable. A ceiling fan addition in a living room, bedroom, or family room can improve the room’s look while also increasing its popularity.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Electrical code now requires GFCI’s in rooms with plumbing. If your house doesn’t have them, it could mean a buyer will move on. Contact your home improvement contractor, and they’ll make the switch in no time.

Energy Star Appliances

Appliances consume lots of power, so consider upgrading. Energy Star appliances are a major selling point for most buyers because they reduce energy consumption.

Give your home an edge on the competition. Check with your local home improvement contractor for more excellent ways to increase your property value.