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Landscaping Tips for Your New Custom Home

Your new home is ready for you to move in, and all that needs to be done is yard work to get the property into shape. At Wiggins Construction Company, we build custom homes in Jacksonville, FL, and we’ll provide landscaping tips here.

Make sure you can enjoy your entire property by designing an outdoor living space with a patio or gazebo or outdoor oven, for instance. Once you have that complete, you can add even more style and flair to your yard with accent lighting. A water feature, such as a pond or fountain, will provide even more expression and beauty to the landscape.

Take a long-term approach to the project by planting trees and shrubs that will grow and add value for years to come. You can make sure your plants and grass are healthy regardless of the weather by having an irrigation system put in place.

Cut down on your workload by having low-maintenance features installed, and maybe even consider an artificial lawn. In addition, using a landscaping company will help you keep your yard looking fantastic.

Whenever you wish to learn more about incorporating landscaping into custom homes, reach out to our team at Wiggins Construction Company.