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split drawing and photo of kitchen remodel

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Make Sure Your Countertops Are Perfect!

One key decision for a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL, is your choice of countertop material. What has to happen here is a marriage of lifestyle requirements and design options. By weighing the merits of each, you decide which surface is the best for your kitchen remodel.

Granite & Natural Stone — Granite leads the pack in popularity. This and marble, limestone, and soapstone possess appealing natural beauty. However, natural stone costs more than laminate and demands periodic sealing.

Engineered Stone — Natural stone, such as quartz, undergoes engineering for a greater variety of colors and to form a solid surface that resists stains and offers easy cleaning. The price is similar to that of granite.

Solid Surface — These counters come in plenty of colors while offering resistance to scratches and stains. Solid surfaces are susceptible to damage from a hot pan.

Concrete — More and more people are opting for concrete for its custom colors, different finishes, and durability. Concrete requires sealing and reacts to changes in temperature, as well as wetness and acid.

Wood — A butcher-block countertop is a perennial favorite with an easy-to-clean surface and sanding to remove scratches. However, water warps counters, so frequent oiling is a necessity.

Laminate — This lookalike material resembles your favorite stone at a far lesser price. On the downside, heat and scratches mar the surface.