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How to Create a Stunning Lighting Design for Your Custom Home in Jacksonville, FL

Building a home designed especially for you is an uplifting experience that makes the new residence truly your own. With special touches that match your tastes and sense of style, you will feel fully at ease with the project.

We know custom homes in Jacksonville, FL, at Wiggins Construction Company, and this post will address a sometimes-overlooked feature of a new residence. What we want to discuss here is how to create a stunning lighting design for your new property. First, we’ll break this down into a look at the factors which need consideration.

The primary step in the process should be choosing the level of brilliance you want. Incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, or halogen are all options you need to think about. Various bulbs are appropriate for specific areas in a home. For example, you don’t really need fluorescent tubes in your bedroom, but they will work well in the garage. On the other hand, ambient lighting is what you need for a bedroom. It’s fine for overall gentle illumination.

In many instances, you can get away with using accent lighting rather than direct lighting. Looking closely at this is the next step in your design journey. Accents add depth while decorative lights, such as a chandelier, provide light while acting as a décor feature.

Different spaces in your new house will call for specific forms of illumination. By considering the points above, you can determine which will work best and result in a lighting design that’s without compare.

Whenever you wish to learn more about custom homes, we’re happy to answer all of your questions at Wiggins Construction Company.