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Make a Kitchen Bumpout a Part of Your Kitchen Remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL

It’s safe to say that most homeowners would love a larger kitchen. When you consider that kitchens are packed full of many service areas and appliances, almost everyone would like more space. Kitchens are also central gathering points for family and friends, so kitchen islands and sit-down breakfast bars have become staples for those doing a kitchen remodel in Green Cove Springs, FL.

Kitchen Bumpouts vs. Full Additions

Full-size additions to a house often include more area and more rooms than are needed. Plus, full-size additions are often so expensive that they can reach into five figures for even modestly sized homes.

A more cost-effective solution is one that applies to a kitchen remodel only, not the entire house. This possible solution is called a kitchen bumpout, and it is usually less expensive because it is only a modest expansion that pushes the kitchen out just a few feet.

Kitchen Bumpout Suggested Uses

Sometimes, adding a bumpout gives a kitchen just enough room to add an island. With this extra room, even a good-sized social kitchen island with seating can be built.

For those who love to cook, this type of kitchen remodel allows them to replace existing appliances with larger, higher-end appliances that are better suited to their needs, sometimes including wider French-door refrigerators or bigger and better professional-grade stoves.