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Don’t Move – Invest in Room Additions in Jacksonville, FL

Where you live can define your lifestyle. As such, it is little wonder that moving into a home is one of the most lasting and impactful investment decisions you can ever make. As the housing market changes, it can be tempting to think about moving to a new location. However, it is equally important to consider alternatives. Build requests for room additions in Jacksonville, FL, are on the rise, and for good reasons. Today, we will discuss how adding onto your existing house can be a better alternative to setting roots elsewhere.

As its name suggests, a room addition is a process of building out a portion of your house. It serves many functions, chief among them adding more usable square footage to your lot. There are many benefits to considering this type of home improvement project. Below are a few of the key reasons why homeowners are opting for an addition versus moving to a new location:

Cost: First and foremost, the price of a room addition tends to be lower than moving. Compare the cost of hiring a custom home contractor to relocation. For one, moving to a new house may require signing onto a completely new mortgage, followed by the actual cost of packing and moving.

On top of that, there are also emotional and social costs compounded onto a move. You will have to learn about the new neighborhood and adjust to the culture of the new location. If you have a family, you will also need to make sure your loved ones, especially children, are prepared to move to a new place.

Familiarity: After being in one home for a long time, it is natural to form an emotional bond with where you live. This is especially true if you have settled into your home for a while, have made friends, and are already well-acquainted with your neighborhood’s popular locales.

A room addition gives you the flexibility to allow your home to grow with your needs. Perhaps you are welcoming a new child into your family or would like to create an office space to facilitate a change to your career. Adding another room to your home creates something new from the familiar, with minimal energy needed to adjust to the change.

Future-Proofing: It may sound slightly ironic after arguing in favor of staying, but a room addition is also a great way to increase your property values for the day you do decide to move. If you know that you will move someday in the distant future, then investing in a home improvement project or two can net some tidy returns.

Whether you’ve been making plans for a bedroom, home theater, or spa, a room addition is your opportunity to craft new spaces that you and your family will enjoy. Consult with a custom home builder to learn about your home improvement options.