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Safety Considerations for Your New Custom Home in Jacksonville, FL

You want a home that is like no other. As such, that means you want to have a house built according to your specific tastes. Chances are people will describe your property as beautiful, modern, stylish, and distinctive. In addition to making your home attractive and spacious, you should want it to be safe. Let us fulfill your safety needs with our custom homes in Jacksonville, FL.

The skilled contractors at Wiggins Construction Company can recommend various options to help make your house safe for your family. When you request a unique floor plan or wainscoting, it is good to also ask for reliable safety devices. We can install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that can alert you to dangers before they can cause any damage.

A fire extinguisher gives you the ability to smother flames before they can spread, and a first aid kit provides you with various medical supplies to treat minor injuries. Because safety and security go hand-in-hand, you should also consider improving your custom house with a security system that prevents burglaries and vandalism.

Former customers will tell you that our services give you peace of mind about your in-home safety. Reach out to us for other suggestions about how to make your custom home beautiful, comfortable, and safe.