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Upgrade Your Home with Room Additions in Jacksonville, FL

Your home is where you feel most comfortable, and it should meet all of your family’s needs. You shouldn’t have to adapt your lifestyle to fit your home. Upgrade it to be the dream home you’ve been seeking by opting for room additions in Jacksonville, FL.

At Wiggins Construction Company, we can transform your space if you feel it’s too small, or it doesn’t have the layout you want. Thanks to our years of experience in renovations and new home construction, we have the skills and talents you can depend upon to upgrade your home and make it match your visions of a newly expanded showcase of comfort and style.

If you’re looking to add a new bedroom to welcome another member to your family or you’re considering a home office as your new room addition, we can determine the right solution to increase the size of your home while retaining its style and design strengths.

There are many types of new rooms that we have created for our long list of happy customers. In addition to the rooms we’ve mentioned above, we also have created simple add-ons that are known in the business as a bump-out. This small increase in space is ideal for taking an existing room and making it bigger. It’s great for those times when you want to add a bathroom to a bedroom, for example, or add space for a kitchen island.

Sunrooms are another type of room add-on we offer. They are usually built onto the side of a home to increase the living space with a bright and airy oasis of light.

If you are not looking to add but to repurpose, we also are happy to take your attached garage and transform it into additional family space by converting the area to meet your needs.