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The Benefits of Opening Up Your Floor Plan

Are you thinking about remodeling your house? An increasingly popular form of remodeling consists of plans to open up space. Look over construction companies in Jacksonville, FL, to find one, like Wiggins Construction Company, that is willing to help you turn your design plans into reality.

In the early part of the 20th century, architects designed houses differently. Each room had a purpose, and they set aside space for that function. That’s why we see old houses with lots of small rooms. That changed in the middle of the last century with larger rooms that had multiple purposes. This is the open-house concept.

Making Your Living Space Feel Larger

A responsive construction company is ready to help you make the change to an open design. By taking out a few walls, the kitchen becomes the focal point of the living space. The kitchen is still the kitchen, but now you can see and talk to people in the kitchen from the living and dining rooms. This is great for family time, as well as entertaining.

Instead of using walls and doors to define the purpose of a space, the appliances and furniture tell the intent. And you can separate space with an island, area rug, or lighting. You have open space that makes gathering easy, lets in more light, and gives the illusion of a bigger house without having to move.