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Tips for Building an Addition on Your Home

There are many reasons why property owners would want to add on to their homes. Maybe you need a new room to accommodate your growing family, or you’d like a new gym or home theater. Whatever the reason, room additions in Jacksonville, FL, are an excellent way to make the most of your property’s available space. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you put together your plans.

  1. Get Your Documents Together – Make sure you have your property’s plot plan as well as the necessary permits prior to the start of construction.
  2. Set Your Budget – To establish the scope of your room addition, you’ll need to set a budget based on estimates provided by your architect and general contractor. Make sure this budget accounts for everything: labor, materials, etc.
  3. Talk to Your Neighbors – It never hurts to do the courteous thing and let your neighbors know that you’ll be starting construction soon. Also, you can review your plans with them to avoid any conflicts after the fact.
  4. Consider Your Home’s Utilities – Talk to an HVAC contractor and an electrician to ensure that your current setups can accommodate the extra room.
  5. Be Realistic and Patient – We all know that plans can change due to scheduling, materials availability, and other variables that are beyond our control. Set a realistic timeframe for your project’s completion.